About Us


Our Mission- is a longstanding one, to revitalize the agricultural heritage of the Taos Pueblo community and re-establish food sovereignty, regaining control of and rebuilding its food & economic systems.  We have a thirteen-year history that began in 2002 under the umbrella  of the tribal Taos Pueblo Education & Training Division (TPETD) with the building of the Red Willow Education Center.  In 2007 we transitioned from Taos Pueblo grant sponsorship to that of a local 501(c)(3) for four key developmental years.  In 2010, Red Willow Center was incorporated in New Mexico as a state nonprofit, and the Taos Community Foundation became our fiscal sponsor, lasting until we received 501(c)(3) status in March 2014.  (RWC is currently the only 501(c)(3) on the reservation.)

Our Capabilities:
  • Four greenhouses (two heated year-round) and a one-acre.
  • Farmer’s outdoor & indoor market spaces.
  • Solar-powered agricultural water well (0.7 kw) and extensive drip irrigation system.
  • Walk-in cooler.
  • Biomass district heating system serving two office buildings, two greenhouses, the farmers market store, and RWC’s small office.
  • One room demonstrating a solar Trombe wall.
  • 2.5-kw photovoltaic grid-tied array.
  • 7 solar thermal panels.
  • Composting area.
  • Fruit.

RWC conducts its activities through eight programs:
  1. Red Willow Farm & Market (operates year-round).
  2. Youth Education & Training in Sustainability, which consists of six developmental education programs.
  3. Red Willow Infrastructure Development & Maintenance.
  4. Red Willow Complex District Heating System (supplies renewable energy heat to four onsite organizations).
  5. Community Agricultural Revitalization (in concert with Red Willow Community Growers Cooperative).
  6. Community Service/Service Learning Program.
  7. Regional Outreach to Pueblos and Tribes.
  8. Farm-to-school Program.