Farmers Market

In September 2007, the Red Willow Farmers Market (RWFM) opened on the basis of “If you build it, they will come.”  Within three weeks from opening, the RWFM, grew from three to eight vendors who set up shop in the permanent, traditional-style market structure.  Even though most growers had not known of the opportunity before planting time, and therefore had not necessarily planted for the year, several who had planted participated.  Others have indicated that they “will plant my fields (or gardens) next year, like I used to.”  Almost instantaneously, neglected fruits, berries, and herbs took on new value, and several vendors brought them in for sale.

This year (2015) we’ve added Ms. Tiana Suazo as our store manager
and have made progress with the usage of new technology. The
Square debit/credit card reader is new to the store and is helping
with sales, and we now accept W.I.C.-Senior Farmer’s Market
Nutrition Program (SFMNP) & Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program

The market is year-round and is held outside under the arbor during
late spring, summer and early fall months, and is held inside the
market store during the Winter months.

Our Vendors:

  • Geronimo’s Bakery- Pueblo Horno oven bread, baked cookies, pies, jams and other goodies.
  • Pauly’s Baked Goods- Blue corn tamales, tortillas, home-made cheese, and other products.
  • Tony’s “Happy Chickens”- Organic, free-range eggs.
  • Margaret’s Jellies- Natural pectin Jellies made with wild berries, and orchard fruit.
  • Thunderbird Cattle Co. – local grass fed beef products.
  • Bucking Hot Pickles & Sauerkraut.
  • Dancing Butterfly Naturals Beauty products & Farm corn products.
  • Hemp Hero, Organic Hemp  energy bars.

We are currently working on market expansion and adding more
value-added goods. This will include marketing &  production
assistance for our vendors and we are always accepting new vendors,
as space allows. Both tribal and non-tribal sellers are welcome!

**Winter Market hours are from 9 am – 4 pm  EVERY WEDNESDAY!!**